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Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run

Directed by: Larry A. McLean & Dave Allen Johnson 

In 1763, Britain defeated France in the worldwide Seven Years War - referred to in the American Colonies as The French and Indian War. As a result, the French abandoned America, leaving the Native population who had sided with the French to fear the British would seek revenge. Ottawa Chief Pontiac convinced many tribes they needed to strike first. Some did so willingly, others were forced to fight. Their ultimate target was Fort Pitt. The combatants on both sides deployed unconventional and often brutal strategies and tactics. Colonel Henry Bouquet, with a ragtag group of British soldiers, Scottish Highlanders and American volunteers, was tasked with trying to save the hundreds of men, women and children facing certain death - or worse - in Fort Pitt. The little-known Battle of Bushy Run changed the course of world history... This is that story.

Starring Tom Connolly, Rachele Schank, Edward Gelhaus, J. Michael Finley, Jackson Hurst​, Adam Baldwin, Christopher Smith, Chris Mayers, Rachel Hendrix


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Beyond the Neon

Directed by: Larry A McLean

Based on true accounts, this movie combines real documentary footage with a scripted narrative when a dangerous social experiment performed by a reckless YouTuber exposes human sex trafficking in Las Vegas.

Starring - Joey Salads, Frank Pesce, Cynthia Lucero, Marisa Dzintars, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III, Seth Hancock, Fernando Madero, Gila Goodman and Annie Lobert


Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation

Directed by: Larry A McLean

Headstrong 15-year-old Gabby is thrust into adulthood way too soon, along with her younger sister Claire and the two teen boys, Josh and Flynn, vying for Gabby's attention. Will the group be able to navigate a dangerous new world ruled by those who've been left behind? Follow the breathtaking journey of four kids searching for their family in a world that has come unglued. 

Starring - Amber Montana, Tom Everett Scott, Jackson Hurst, Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye and Brigid Brannagh.


Christmas with Tucker

Directed by: Larry A McLean

While coming to terms with his dad's recent passing in a tractor accident, 13-year-old George McCray (Gage Munroe) is living with his grandparents on their Kansas farm. George feels needed on the farm as he helps his grateful grandfather Bo (James Brolin) with daily chores and comforts his grandmother Cora (Barbara Gordon). He has also made friends with Mary Ann (Helen Colliander) and became attached to Tucker, the smart and friendly dog the McCrays take in when his troubled owner Frank Thorne (Ron Lea) lands in jail. 

Starring - Amber Montana, Tom Everett Scott, Jackson Hurst, Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye and Brigid Brannagh.

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